John Kieffer Resume

I first arrived in Denver by air, at the age of 15, alone with a pair of 210 cm skis in tow.  My destination was Vail Ski Area.  Just getting to and from Vail was an exciting journey and quickly required developing some travel skills.  Thus began my love of Colorado and a life of travel and adventure.  I especially enjoy passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm for Colorado, travel and photography to others.

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General Travel Knowledge and Skills:

Photographed and wrote three travel & photo books on DenverBoulder and  Colorado, from established publishers.  

I feel I have a thorough knowledge of Colorado, including its natural history.  See bottom for education details.


My Colorado Portfolio represents 25 years traveling and professionally photographing all aspects of Colorado, from Denver cityscapes & mountain landscapes to outdoor recreation. Including magazine articles.

My Landscape Portfolio by State represents 25 years traveling and photogrpahing the western US.

My Photo Resume for John represents 40 years of travel throughout much of the US: backpacking, rock climbing, peak climbs, skiing, road trips, camping, hitchhiking, corporate sales/marketing (7 years).  My wife and two daughters (now grown) have been integral to many journeys. Including peak climbs, descents into the Grand Canyon, llama trekking, skiing.

 John Fielder: "I know your have a great eye and I think have been doing what I do for as long. I bet with your experience you'd be a great instructor." (personal correspondence).

Senior climbing instructor and trip leader for Colorado Mountain Club, Boulder Group (5 years). Included leading rock climbs, peak climbs, snow climbs. Currently involved with the CMC Photo Group teaching photography and leading photo workshops.

Comfortable working in all seasons, urban and natural environments. Excellent health and physical condition.

Comprehensive health, dental and eye insurance.

Passport, Colorado and international driver’s licenses.

European Portfolio. In addition to exploring the US, my newest interest is Europe, especially skiing. I love doing the research and making the itinerary, from hotels to car rental. Five trips, spanning 16 weeks, 10 countries.  Not a local . . . yet.

Five Books by John Kieffer:

“Denver, Colorado: A Photographic Portrait”

Coffee-table style book, with 150 color photos by John Kieffer. All locations selected by John.

“Boulder, Colorado: A Photographic Portrait”
Coffee-table style book, with 150 color photos by John Kieffer. All locations selected by John.

“Mastering Nature Photography: Shooting & Selling in the Digital Age”

Covers photography in Colorado and the West, but also how to travel safely in natural places: mountains, canyons, deserts, coastal areas.

“The Photographer’s Assistant: Learn the Inside Secrets of Photography and Get Paid for It”  I wrote this critically acclaimed book twice, before and then after the digital revolution. Covers professional photography in the studio and on location.

Traditional, chronological resume for John Kieffer

Formal Education:
Graduated with Master of Science degree in Entomology

Washington State University, Pullman, WA (transcripts available)
Graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (transcripts available)

Pertinent Courses:
Art Appreciation, Art History, Animal Behavior, Biology, Botany, Chemistry (lots), Ecology, Entomology (extensive), Evolution, Geology, Insect Identification, Insect Ecology, Math (lots), Microbiology, Orienteering, Ornithology, Advanced Ornithology, Plant Identification, Photographic Lighting, Photography for Science, Physics, Statistics, Vertebrate Anatomy, Vertebrate Physiology, View Camera, Western Civilization (history), Zoology

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