About John Kieffer, Outside Imagery

John Kieffer offers full-day and half-day tours designed around your personal interests and needs.

Buy a Private Sightseeing Tour

Select either full-day or half-day tour designed around your personal interests and needs. This means pick-up & drop-off at your location and on your schedule, including Denver International Airport (DIA). Contact John for other options.

John has photographed Colorado and the American West extensively, and has six books on photography, ensuring a unique travel experience.  Tours usually involve a comfortable mix of driving, walking, photography and sightseeing.

Tour Locations:  Denver and Boulder area, including nearby Rocky Mountain National Park and Mt Evans. 
Custom tour means just about any location and activity is available. Year-round.  Sunrise - sunset - nights.  Contact John.

Tour Subjects: Downtown Denver Walking Tours,  Explore Boulder, Landscape & Nature Photography,  Wildflower Photography, Wildlife Photography, Sunrise & Sunsets Photo Tours, Night Photography, Travel Photography, National Park Photo Tours.

Full-day $350.  (one person)
Half-day $225. (one person)
1-2 additional people ($50.)

Price Includes:
Individualized photo instruction by John.
John is happy to answer any questions beforehand.
Water and snack.
Park entrance fees and taxes.

Wild Country Found Kara Kieffer's blog about her 2018 Pacific Crest Trail through-hike.

"Boulder, Colorado: A Photographic Portrait"  New in May 2018, 160 captioned, color photos and writing by John Kieffer.

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Below is a detailed resume for John Kieffer.

Photo Resume for John

Chronological Resume for John

My Formative Years:  Two experiences influenced my life for the best and are why I enjoy passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm for travel, nature and photography to others.  See bottom of page for the details.
My fascination in science and nature led to a BS degree in Zoology and a MS degree in Entomology. 

Photography, Nature, Teaching and Travel Accomplishments:

Photographed and wrote six books, on nature, photography and travel, with established publishers. I began teaching photography and nature soon after "The Photographer's Assistant" was published. I continue to teach photo workshops and gives lectures on photography and travel.

John re-photographs his classic book and writes all the captions (May 2018).  "Boulder, Colorado: A Photographic Portrait"

Photo workshops and lectures:
Landscape & Nature Photography,   File Formats for PhotographyComposition & EditingPhotographic AssistingBeyond Nature

Five years as 
senior climbing instructor and more years as a trip leader for the Colorado Mountain Club.

by stock photo agencies for 25 years. Currently Getty Images, including Stock Imagery (Denver) and Peter Arnold (NYC), Photo Library

A lifetime of interest in natural history and outdoor travel, solo, family & children and groups. Including: peak climbs, backpacking, rock climbing, snowshoeing, cycling, canoeing, sailing, 4WD, car camping, US & Europe.

Wrote & photographed book: “Mastering Nature Photography”
I discuss in detail on how to travel safely in most natural environments. In addition to teaching photography.

Photographed book:  “Denver, Colorado: A Photographic Portrait”
Coffee-table style book with 150 color photos with captions. I selected all subjects and locations. Supplied all photography.

Photographed book: 
“Boulder, Colorado: A Photographic Portrait”

John re-photographs his classic, coffee-table style book with 160 color photos. He selected all subjects and locations. Supplied all photography. Wrote all captions and text.

Traditional/Chronological Resume

John's Photo Resume

European Portfolio

Business Experience Leading to the Present:

Upon college graduation, eight years corporate sales and marketing for Gould Inc and Applied Technical Products. Responsible for sales and support of medical & research instrumentation to hospitals, universities and research facilities. Territory was Colorado and Rocky Mountain region.
Resigned from corporate America and put my business and people skills towards my nature photography and writing.

Became a photographer's assistant in New York City, then Denver. I learned my photography by working with the best photographers, while getting paid for it.  After assisting, I wrote "The Photographer's Assistant" twice - once for film, then again after the digital revolution. It received many excellent book reviews, including the Sunday New York Times. 

Kieffer Nature Stock: Built a stock photo agency and represented 25 Colorado photographers. Photography was distributed via CD stock photo catalogs and our website. At this time, I also photographed commercial and editorial assignments for advertising agencies and magazines.

KNS Multimedia: proprietary software for photographers.  Additional responsibilities were marketing and selling this unique product to photographers and stock photo agencies. Included writing assorted advertising and instruction manuals.
It "felt" like the familiar print catalog, but on CD. It was a unique and cost effective marketing strategy.  Eventually integrated the CD stock photo catalogs with websites.
Sold KNS Multimedia's proprietary software to a private equity firm for use as books and catalogs.

Outside Imagery is the current site for John's photographic and nature-related workshops, books and stock photos.

Comprehensive Medical, Dental and Eye Insurance.  Passport & International Driver's License. Excellent health.

Formal Education:

Graduated with Master of Science degree in Entomology

Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA (transcripts available)

Graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology & Entomology
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA (transcripts available)

Pertinent Courses:
Art Appreciation, Art History, Animal Behavior, Biology, Botany, Chemistry (lots), Ecology, Entomology (MS degree),
Evolution, Geology, History (western civilization), Insect Identification, Insect Ecology, Math (lots), Microbiology, Orienteering, Ornithology,
Advanced Ornithology, Plant Identification, Photographic Lighting, Photography for Science, Physics, Statistics,
Vertebrate Anatomy, Vertebrate Physiology, View Camera, Zoology

My Formative Years:

Two experiences influenced my life for the best and are why I especially enjoy passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm for nature, photography and travel to others. See bottom of page for details.

While growing up in Des Moines, I remember wandering through a store in search of magazines. I spied a cover photo showing skiers descending a mountain. Maybe Ski magazine? Maybe Colorado?  What could be better than sliding down a mountain, I thought?  So in ninth grade, alone and with 200cm skis in tow, I ventured to Wisconsin and later Vail, beginning a life of travel and exploration. Years later, I met my wife while skiing at Arapahoe Basin. Still married, still exploring, two grown daughters.

I've always been fascinated with nature and the outdoors, especially Colorado.  While never much interested in hunting and fishing, I'd read the magazines to learn about nature.  I wondered, what could I actually study and not just read about?  After much thought, I decided birds might be the answer - they're everywhere.  I soon joined the Audubon Society, loving the photography and the conservation aspect of its magazine.  The environmental movement was still years off, but this nurtured my lifelong love of natural history, conservation and wild places.

Later, while discussing my goals with my college advisor, I mentioned I wanted to be a naturalist. The response, "try botany or zoology."  My fascination in science and nature led to BS and MS degrees in EntomologyI often felt I'd earned degrees in natural history. Life’s twists and turns led me to the 'real world' of corporate sales & marketing of medical & research instrumentation.